Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Sunday Edition

Krikey Govna! The group from England is here and they are absolutely wonderful.
This is a return trip for them and the children love them.

 Martin (dad)

 Megan (19)

Andrew (17)

They arrived on Thursday morning saying things like bugger (dang), knackered (tired), wicked (awesome) and so many more (a few I'm not supposed to repeat). :) 
I am loving it. It's so nice to be able to speak proper English with real live people
We have also been able to do some fun things it's difficult to do alone; like, we had drinks at the gorgeous tea plantation down the road (where Martin and Andrew are staying; Megan stays at the orphanage with me). We also went into Gisenyi and had dinner on the lake which was beautiful and delicious.

On the work front, Megan and I took stock of all the medicine in the clinic in preparation for the doctors (Americans from His Chase!) coming in next week 
and we went into town and they purchased enough paint for all the girls dorms and work will start on Tuesday. All 4 of us will be painting along with 2 hired painters.
Martin and Andrew will be staying until July 26th and Megan is here until Aug 5th.
Life is good.

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