Friday, July 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday: On the Upswing

One week in the books! It's hard to believe it's already been one week, but as I think back, so much has happened. First of all, I can speak fluent Kinyarwanda!

Oh, that's a lie. Sorry. But, I do know how to greet people at all times of the day and ask how they are doing. It makes for good laughs and I am making lots of friends. I can name animals and ask for salt and water at dinner (two very important things). Mom seems to be impressed with my skills, too...

I think maybe my last post worried some of you. I hope this post assures you that I am good. I'm used to learning the hard way. I'm used to diving in head first and scraping the bottom every now and then. I'm also used to being carried...

On a quick side note, I'm reading this book (on my Kindle, which is life-changing):

and I identify so much with the author (she also wrote Bittersweet, that I have talked about).  She says the truth, even when it's tough, and that really resonates with me:

"In my best moments, when I calm down and listen closely, God says, "I didn't ask you to become new and improved today. That wasn't the goal. You were broken down and strange yesterday and you still are today, and the only one freaked out about it is you."

Well, great.

So that night, as I prayed, I just sat with God. I didn't know what to say, but I knew I needed Him. I needed Him to show up in a big way. And truthfully, I think that's right where He wants us. Unable to move without Him.

So there I was. And wouldn't you know....

There He was. All the time.

"Nothing good comes easily. You have to lose things you thought you loved, give up things you thought you needed. You have to get over yourself, beyond your past, out from under the weight of your future. The good stuff never comes when things are easy." -Cold Tangerines

So today I'm thankful for the good stuff. I am thankful for this dream life I have been given. I am thankful for you and your encouraging words and your constant prayers. I am thankful for every comment and email and text message (even if I don't text back; I am over my limit). You have enriched my life and inspired me more than you'll ever know.

"Friendship is acting out of God's love for people in tangible ways. We were made to represent the love of God in each other's lives, so that each person we walk through life with has a more profound sense of God's love for them. Friendship is an opportunity to act on God's behalf in the lives of the people that we're close to, reminding each other who God is."
-Cold Tangerines

Thank you!


Brooke said...

Tara I just bought that book too and I am getting ready to read it.

tara said...

It's so good; such an easy read. There are times I feel like I can finish her sentences and other times she blows me away with her profound thoughts on everyday life. Have you read Bittersweet?

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