Monday, July 11, 2011

Here at Noel...

When I say "we" I really mean "I". There are some fabulous people here doing much more than just "things". But for me, I haven't started teaching English yet and I don't know when I will. Right now, I'm learning names and sweet smiles and heartbreaking stories and I feel like that's enough.

To backtrack:

The first question I would always get asked when someone learned I was moving to Rwanda was "why?" The easiest answer with the least amount of explanation (or crazy looks) is to teach English. The real answer is because He told me to.

Cut to:

I'm reading a new book called Interrupted: An Adventure in Relearning the Essentials of Faith by Jen Hatmaker.

So good, and I found this little ditty:

"We can wreck the spirit of a mission by prematurely focusing on the strategy. When the "how" eclipses the "why" too soon, we create a positional shift to defend and execute rather than listen and receive."


So, here I am. Focusing on the "why" and prayerfully waiting on (occasionally, begging for) the "how".


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