Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Girl In The Blue Dress

Well, my one month mark has come and gone. Time is flying by and things get pretty overwhelming here pretty easily. I have to remind myself at least once a day to breathe and take it in. Take each moment for what it's worth. 

I pray often for the small picture, because the big is alittle too hairy for me. I can't fathom my place in all of this or why He would choose me. Thankfully, He knows me so well.

And faithful, as always, I was sent a sweet piece of the small picture at the ordination (yes, I found out what it was called). 
The girl in the blue dress.

This precious (haunting) angel is not one of our children. I didn't see where she came from, but I noticed her, in the distance, off to the side when our girls were dancing. Walking with a heavy limp, she tried to dance along and, eventually, she made her way to our chairs to sit down on the ground in front of us.

I pulled her up into my lap and for the next two hours, there she sat. As I rocked her, I couldn't help but feel that this was a divine appointment. For both of us. 

I wondered, as she fell asleep, when was the last time she was held and cuddled. When was the last time she felt special? When was the last time she was prayed over? Who loved her?

I did. 
I do. 

I know that day God used me to love on the girl in the blue dress. He also used to the girl in the blue dress to love on me.

Man, He's good.


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Tiffanie Marie said...

I needed to read this today. :) I hope life is nothing but a grand adventure over there. Even with all the hairy, confusing parts. I am reading "In A Pit With a Lion On a Snowy Day" and have been thinking about you on your grand adventure! It's a great book. I think intecall you saying you read it? Anyway, it's so great to get updates from you! Keep em comin. :) give that sweet boy of yours a hug for us! Praying for you,


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