Friday, July 8, 2011

10 Things I Haven't Told You

1. I was able to buy new shoes for 3 boys; thanks to you! I am hoping to buy at least 10 more very soon.

2. Kigali has the best pizza I have ever had.

3. Mom told one of the visitors that most Westerns are very picky, but this one (me) eats everything.

4. There is a nun visiting who, I am convinced, is trying to kill me. And if she makes me eat one more piece of bread, I surely will die.

5. I have strategically started wearing a hoodie when I eat so that I can smuggle out food in the pouch (mostly bread and potatoes). The goats here love me. :)

6. I went to visit my new friend Patrick in Kigali and his 5 year old daughter (who is Rwandan, but speaks very good English) said, "Daddy, she's not white, she's brown." She is my new favorite.

7. I am sitting on a post I started writing about Innocent. I'm sorry it's taking so long.

8. THEY HAVE NUTELLA! It's worth mentioning again.

9. I (not of my own will) drank milk that I watched come from the cow, to the kitchen and into my coffee. That dang nun...

10. I rode in a taxi bus that seats 12 people with 16 other people, one small child and a baby.

Loving every second,



Nelou said...

love them all, but number six… now that's my favorite :)

Steffanie Riley said...

It sounds like you are having so much fun! :) Praying for you! :)

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