Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So, recently (here), I told you about a difficult time I was having. It was self-induced and I prayed this prayer, "My prayer is not for Him to rescue me, but to redeem me. Not for Him to make this go away, but for Him to show me His way. Not that this would be easy, but that He would be enough."

I've continued to pray this prayer as I work my way through this situation. Today I was called on the carpet. And today I prayed my Sun Stand Still prayer. A prayer that would leave no denying that, surely, the Lord is fighting for me. (Joshua 10:14)

He sure is. And today the sun stood still in one of my darkest hours.

I have been redeemed. I see His way and I am chasing after it with all I have. And He is absolutely enough...and so much more.

Tonight, I'm basking in the glow and soaking up the love of the Father that surpasses all understanding.

Completely unworthy,


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