Saturday, March 5, 2011

Every One is God's Someone

He is perfect.
AHHHH!! I got an update on my sweet boy yesterday morning!! It took me all day to pull my head out of the clouds and put my thoughts together...and stop crying! All I can think is GET ME ON A PLANE!! I'm still reeling, but I'm so excited to tell you all about it!

As I mentioned before, I had sent a Valentine to a dear friend in the UK who was traveling to Noel; she offered to deliver it to Innocent and take photos of him for me. I'm convinced Karen is an angel.


I had all kinds of extravagant ideas of Valentines that I could send; I wanted to send all kinds of pictures, etc. but what I sent ended up being a corny Valentine card that I spilled my guts out in and an 'Oklahoma' key chain. Karen told me that correspondence with the children was difficult because they had to be sensitive about jealousies among the other children, which is totally understandable, but I wanted to slip some kind of "souvenir" in there for him. Karen was so thoughtful (more than I) and printed off a picture of me from Facebook to include so that he would actually know who the card was from. Details. . . :)

They first had to translate and read the card to Madame Director; one, as a mark of respect and two because Innocent is not great about going to school (he wants to spend time with the cows!) the Madame wanted to use it as motivation. Once it was read and translated to him the letter would go to her office and if he wanted he could go there and sit and see it.

Karen explained, the only thing Noel can offer the children for the future is an education. If they can achieve a standard of education to the best of their own abilities, it is the greatest aid they can gain for their adult lives. Madame believes that Innocent is bright, but doesn't apply himself. She (Karen) felt like there would be some bribery with the card. "You've been good at school today... Would you like to see your letter?"

Hi, my boy! See you soon!
Didier and Karen quietly took Innocent aside to read him the letter. Karen said when she showed him the photo "his eyes and face lit up immediately". I often wonder if he is dying over me like I die for him. Is that selfish? I mean that in a good way. Maybe he's not and maybe I shouldn't hope that he is, but (selfishly) I am glad that he is happy to remember me. I am glad if he understands a fraction of what those two short days meant to me. I am glad that he knows when I said I loved him I meant it. I'll be glad when I'm there to show him.

Karen told him that I will be coming back (I don't know how much he knows) and she said he is excited. They also told him that they were going to send some photos of him back to me and Karen said that for the "first time in all of the visits there he was ASKING to have his photo taken."

I'm on the floor. Dead.
Still dead.

I've said it before and I'll say it forever, Innocent holds my heart in the palm of his hand. He was my "someone" from the moment I met him. But, Innocent represents one of millions of orphans, 42 million in Africa to be exact, and every one is God's someone. Will you join me in prayer for these precious hearts? Each one has a story (past and future). How can you be a part? 

Is it June yet?

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