Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Oh gosh! I have been waiting for it to finally be Thursday! One of my super-blogger friends (*wink *wink, Nicole) does a Thankful Thursdays series that I love and I have been wanting so badly to start!

So badly that I forgot last week . . .

But seriously.

It's here! It's here! Eeeeeee!!

1. I am thankful for these little beauties:

Our FIRST ever switchgroup (youth group) babies! I am thankful that, in the last four years, I have had to opportunity to love them and lead them; to laugh (alot) with them and cry with them. I am proud of the girls that they are and proud of the young women they are becoming. I am thankful these girls are graduating this year. My heart can't take the stress. :)

2. Y'all know I'm thankful for Grandy's. Let me just say it. It feels better to get it out.

3. I am thankful for this picture that I just found on Facebook from a group that is visiting Noel, the orphanage I will be returning to this summer.

That's my boy! The taller one, in the red shirt! (You can read about him here.) Just seeing his little face makes my heart pound. I can't wait to hug his bones!!

4. And more importantly, I am thankful for a very special friend from the UK that is on a plane right now, to Noel, carrying a (belated) Valentine from me to my boy!! I hope, hope, hope that there will be more details and pictures coming soon.

5. Lastly, (for today), I am thankful for "God winks". Those little, loving nudges He gives at the perfect time, just when you start to question. It's like He says, "Hey girl, I got this." He punched me in the face with a wink or five this week. I am thankful.


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